Cargo Insurance vs Freight Forwarders Liability Insurance: What’s the difference?

We come across clients who perceive that a Freight Forwarders Liability policy acts the same as a blanket Cargo Insurance policy. However, this is not the case, and this misinterpretation can land the freight forwarder in hot water. Both insurance policies can cover lost or damaged cargo, but how they respond is significantly different. The […]

Azure Risk: Fast, fluid and digital multi-line insurance experiences

Azure Risk CEO Anmol Sawlani discusses embracing technology to provide cost-effective, accessible insurance solutions with The DIA (Digital Insurance Agenda). Click here to read a copy of the article and learn about Azure Risk’s range of multi-line commercial and personal insurance products and other developments underway.

Digital Broking

Read about what motivates our Chief Executive Officer Anmol Sawlani and the industry changes he’s seen since the start of his career in the family business. Anmol shares his perspective in the article ‘Digital Broking’, first published in APAC Entrepreneur’s October 2022 online magazine. Click here to read a copy of the full article. CONTACT […]

Premium Financing – Is it suitable for you?

You’re probably familiar with what ‘premiums’ are and have a working knowledge of the concept of ‘financing’. But what is ‘premium financing’? And, is it an option for you? Life insurance premium financing is a strategy used by high-net-worth individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs to buy life insurance. Premium financing is a ‘funding method’. It’s […]

Tanya Venkatraman joins Azure Risk’s expanding team

Tanya Venkatraman joins Azure Risk as Corporate Business Development Manager. We’re pleased to welcome our newest team member Tanya Venkatraman. Read our Press Coverage: Azure Risk expands with hire from Pacific Prime – InsuranceAsia News

Ukraine invasion heightens marine risk in Asia

Azure Risk’s Managing Director Anmol Sawlani shares his perspective. “The sanctions impact is an issue. That said, most insurers had already excluded Russia, meaning arranging cover via most international markets for cargo involving Russian entities will be near impossible.” As reported by InsuranceAsia News, the situation in Ukraine and Russia has taken much of the […]

Asia Covid policies add pressure to cargo market

Azure Risk’s Managing Director Anmol Sawlani shares his perspective. The over-riding issue regarding Covid-19 and cargo insurance has been the accumulated values at ports, said Anmol Sawlani, a Hong Kong-based director at broker Azure Risk. These are higher than normal due to shipment delays, he added. These accumulations can breach policy limits when extensions have […]

Azure Risk – Health Insurance – Choosing the best policy

Health Insurance – Choosing the best policy We’re here to help you with your insurance decision-making process. We focus on understanding your preferences and building relevant insurance solutions around those. As brokers, we simplify the process for you.

Azure Risk – Health Insurance – The benefits of using a broker

Health Insurance – The benefits of using a broker Myth buster: Going through a broker vs an insurer to buy an insurance policy isn’t more expensive. With a broker, you get the added benefit of having an advocate on your side who’s there to help you throughout the policy year and with any claims issues.

Azure Risk – Health Insurance – It doesn’t have to be confusing

Health Insurance – It doesn’t have to be confusing Three common client concerns: #1 “Insurance policy documents are really long.” #2 “Should I buy insurance now when I’m young and healthy?” #3 “Is the health insurance cover I have through my employer enough?”