Challenging The Status Quo Of Insurance (Stage 2)

Our WHY!

Resolving a client's challenges brings success.

Azure Risk

We often see individuals and businesses develop a habit of simply rolling over insurance contracts without review. Business and personal circumstances are not static, they constantly evolve. How you prepare and adapt to change will dictate your success, and we believe Insurance should do the same.

The fundamental goal at Azure Risk is to serve as Go-To Advisor, not Salesperson.

The core of our business is to improve your experience by being part of your insurance decision-making process and give you the choice of appropriate and affordable cover.

With us, you get Insurance geeks, who want to engage with you to better understand your priorities and what you want to achieve.

We don’t stop once the product is in place, we continue as advocate throughout the contract.

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What you can expect from Us

Driven by passion; pride in exceeding both our own and our client's expectations

Innovation; we look ahead and adapt to change

Products that provide solutions; no gimmicks

Relevant and affordable protection


Mutual respect

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We are client focused, with your best interests at heart. Always.

Anmol, with over a decade of insurance experience, including the last 11 years as the head of System (Far East) Insurance Brokers Ltd. (SFE), started his career with Metropolitan Life Insurance. He progressed to an Insurance Broker role at SFE, then as Director and Chief Executive he successfully steered the company, adapting to the changes post 2008 and beyond.

By combining his local knowledge and global experience, Anmol provides strategic direction and challenges the status quo for insurance solutions for people and business.

Anmol’s wide-ranging industry experience includes freight forwarding, shipping logistics, financial institutions, and the whole range of personal and business insurance products.

Anmol graduated from The University of Queensland, with BSc in Business Management with a focus on International Business and Commerce. He has secured various Insurance Qualifications, as well as a Diploma in Insurance Studies by the Hong Kong Institute of Insurance (now merged to form the HK-CII), and most recently, post graduate studies in Digital Business Strategies from Columbia University.

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