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At Azure Risk, we believe insurance is more than just underwriting. When we write a policy, we write it for you.

We break down complex insurance products across transport and logistics segments, combining a passion for service with decades of experience and exceptional financial resources to deliver solutions that you can understand, adapt and rely upon.

For us, the fundamental goal is to serve as your go-to advisor for personalized insurance and not to sell you insurance that you don’t need.

Our Specialist Insurance Programmes for Business Owners

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance is the comprehensive coverage against risks of loss or damage for goods in transit by sea, air (including courier) and land. With 24/7 access to our digital platform, you can instantly issue policies and quotations. Marine Cargo Insurance includes (but is not limited to):
  • Marine cargo insurance
  • Port-to-port cover
  • Warehouse-to-warehouse cover
  • War and strike risk

Freight Forwarders Liability (FFL)

Freight Forwarders Liability (FFL) Insurance coverage protects freight forwarders against accidental damages or losses to cargo until the time of delivery for a third party. Through our digital platform, we’ve simplified the applications process. FFL Insurance caters to various industries, most commonly:
  • Freight and logistics operators – air / sea / land
  • Non-vessel operating common carriers
  • Haulage companies
  • Warehouse keepers
  • Customs house brokers

Customs Bonds Insurance

For cargo imported into the United States, a Customs Bond is required to clear commercial shipments for entry into the U.S. quickly and to avoid costly fines. You’ll also need a Customs Bond if you’re a warehouse or facility operator who wants to store imported or exported goods.

Bonds Offered:
  • FMC Freight Forwarder Bond US$50,000
  • Vessel or Vessel Agent Customs Bond
  • FMC OTI/NVOCC Bond US$75,000
  • AMS Customs Bond, Activity 3
  • Non-USA NVOCC Bond US$150,000
  • Customs Bonds for US Customs Brokers
  • FMCSA Freight Broker Bond US$75,000

Through our partners, we can assist with the FMC registration process and AMS filing streamlining the entire Customs Bond application process.


War Risks Insurance

Protecting ship owners, ship managers, cargo owners and charterers from war risks and piracy around the world.

Our War Risks cover provides protection for loss or damage caused by war or terrorism. It includes Protecting and Indemnity (P&I) liabilities, as well as losses incurred due to a ship being blocked or trapped in an area of conflict.


Project Cargo Insurance

Project Cargo Insurance provides the necessary financial protection against the loss or damage sustained to project equipment while in transit, including:

  • Physical damage or total loss of cargo during transit (based on All Risks)
  • Protection from the consequences of interruption of projects, Delay in Startup (DSU)
  • Cover for ongoing costs incurred or loss of earnings due to a delay of the commercial operation date, Advanced Loss of Profits (ALOP)

Our Project Cargo Insurance protects the needs of all parties involved.


Pharmaceutical Insurance Programme

Our Special Pharmaceutical Insurance Programme solves the urgent and immediate need to transport high-value Covid-19 vaccine shipments globally and facilitates the tendering process for pharmaceutical shipments.

The facility provides an immediate insurance solution where very high limits are required and is underwritten by well established, A-rated insurers.

  • Exclusively for WCA Pharma Network Members.
  • High limits, up to USD 15,000,000 per conveyance. Suitable for small shipments to chartered flights.
  • Cargo insurance on an All Risks basis for temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipments and specially designed for Covid-19 vaccines.
  • Our user-friendly digital platform provides instant quotation and insurance certificate generation 24/7.
  • Coverage is also available for non-temperature controlled shipments at competitive pricing.

Amazon Seller Insurance

Protect against property damage or personal injury to a customer relating to an item you’ve sold on

Amazon seller and reseller insurance is critical for protecting your business, your assets, and to prevent you from paying out of pocket for legal fees in the event your business is involved in a claim.

Not only is having insurance for your business recommended, depending on your monthly sales, Amazon may require you to hold insurance.

Whether you use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM), we can customize your insurance coverage.


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