Project Cargo Insurance

Invaluable Cover For Your Valuable Cargo

Project Cargo Logistics Insurance

Project Cargo Logistics Insurance provides the necessary financial protection against the loss or damage sustained to project equipment while in transit, including:

  • Physical damage or total loss of cargo during transit (based on All Risks)
  • Protection from the consequences of interruption of projects, Delay in Startup (DSU)*
  • Cover for ongoing costs incurred or loss of earnings due to a delay of the commercial operation date, Advanced Loss of Profits (ALOP)*

* The insurance coverage for DSU / ALOP requires that the cause of the damage to cargo corresponds to the Ocean Cargo Insurance concluded with Azure Risk. Also, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy agreed by the insurer.

Do I Need Project Cargo Insurance?

Choosing the right insurance coverage to manage and mitigate project cargo risk can’t be overstated. The protection it provides is critical to project owners and investors and the reputation of the entities responsible for delivering the project on time.

Any delay in project cargo reaching its destination or damage sustained during transport can significantly impact a project’s timeline and the bottom line.

Looking for Project Cargo Insurance?

What Does Project Cargo Insurance Cover?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to managing project risks. We’re experienced in insuring infrastructure projects involving manufacturers from several countries, different contractors and varied supply routes involving any combination of land transport, sea, river, rail, road or air.

We specialize in all aspects of Marine Cargo Insurance and tailor Project Cargo insurance to cover specific risks of projects of all sizes for the transport and logistics of moving equipment, including services out of gauge (OOG) cargo, materials and goods.

Our Project Cargo Insurance covers projects that include:

  • Power plants
  • Green energy, including solar, wind, hydro and biomass
  • Petrochemical, paper and pulp, ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Plants
  • Bridges and buildings
  • Heavy machinery (ultra-class trucks)

We’ve got you covered

For companies in Hong Kong and worldwide, our Project Cargo Insurance protects the needs of all parties involved, including:

Partner with Azure Risk and tailor your Project Cargo Logistics Insurance to cover complex international transport and logistics such as OOG cargo services in Hong Kong and elsewhere in the region. With our global network of local insurers and ability to navigate evolving, country-specific regulations, we broker innovative insurance solutions for the commercial shipping industry.

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