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Our APIs

Digital Cargo and Freight Insurance

Our API (Application Program Interface) provides an integration path for clients to connect their TMS (Transportation Management System) system directly to ‘Edge’, our cargo and freight forwarders liability insurance digital system.

APIs allow automated processing, providing coverage directly from the TMS. The initial release of the APIs provides quoting, issuance, and obtaining the cargo certificate.

Integration of Edge

Our digital insurance is designed around the user experience so clients, operations and sales staff can easily access Edge from anywhere. Our onboarding is via video instruction in multiple languages, so teams benefit from the efficiency of multi-user access.

Operational Efficiency

Our cost-effective, efficient, and accessible digital insurance solutions for SMEs don’t sacrifice cover quality. Our streamlined service delivery and execution allows clients to do ‘one-click’ insurance purchases that can be used in on-demand applications or fully automated insurance to ensure all shipments are covered. Even those outside the policy terms are identified and managed.

Key Features of APIs

Our API solution reduces the administration around arranging cargo insurance. You can generate quotes in 30 seconds, instantly issue insurance certificates, make modifications, and arrange payment collections. It also provides a fast turnaround on referrals and simplifies the claims procedure.

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Implementing APIs

Integrating APIs into your business software can automate insurance election and claims submission. Azure Risk will work with you to choose the best digital insurance policy for your business. We’ll assess your workflows to ensure the correct API solution is integrated into your TMS.

The APIs provide the most value for those anticipating significant volumes of insurable shipments. APIs combined with well-designed policy wording allow shipments to be automatically accepted. For those that aren’t, our referral process allows for speedy approvals.

Fast, Fluid, Digital Multi-line Insurance

In addition to cargo and freight forwarders liability insurance, we’re developing a tailored range of multi-line commercial and personal digital insurance products available through Edge.

Connectivity is Critical

Our cutting-edge connective technologies and APIs will help keep your business running smoothly.

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