Group Corporate Travel Insurance

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Group Corporate Travel Insurance

What is Group Corporate Travel Insurance?

Group Corporate Travel Insurance protects your company against unanticipated incidents and assures that employees are able to travel with confidence knowing that they are protected wherever your business takes them.

Do I need Group Corporate Travel Insurance?

Travelling can be essential to business. As corporate travel increases, it can become a stressful and expensive affair if things don’t go as planned in an increasingly uncertain world. Customizable protection from the unexpected for employees on corporate travel alleviates logistical obstacles of arranging protection and care across borders.

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the corporate travel landscape in unprecedented ways. Organizations have rethought their travel policies with a heightened focus on health and safety as corporate travel again becomes the norm. Now is an opportune time to assess your Corporate Travel insurance to ensure your professionals are protected against unanticipated challenges during their future ventures abroad.

Looking for Group Corporate Travel Insurance?

What does Group Corporate Travel Insurance cover?

Azure Risk’s portfolio of business travel solutions can be tailored so your Group Corporate Travel Insurance policy allows employees to travel with confidence knowing they are covered for incidents ranging from lost passports and cash to accidents.

Group Corporate Travel Insurance provides a range of benefits covering medical, personal, and travel-related incidents including (but not limited to):

  • Rapid Assistance: Swift response to issues arising during travel; 24-hour emergency assistance service
  • Medical: Accidental death/permanent disability; emergency medical evacuation, including pre-existing conditions and pregnancy
  • Deposits: Loss of deposit and additional expenses for travel and accommodation cancellations; loss of frequent flyer points due to cancellations
  • Rental Vehicles: Liabilities arising from vehicle rental
  • Baggage: Reimbursement for lost baggage and personal property; baggage delays
  • Identity Theft: Fraudulent use of credit card, legal expenses, lost wages, and unauthorized use of documentation
  • Optional Cover: MediExpress China medical card
  • Leisure Travel: Optional extension for senior or nominated employees to include leisure travel pre-and-post business trip, and for accompanying family members
  • Personal Liability: Unexpected personal liabilities such as bodily injury or third-party property damage

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