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Film Insurance

What is Film Insurance?

Film Insurance is protection against content-related media risks and exposures that may occur during the filmmaking process. This includes costs associated with postponement and abandonment of filming, as well as coverage of equipment through to trademark infringement, accidental failure to obtain consent or a proper license, and even defamation.

Do I need Film Insurance?

If you are a media organization or a film producer, in short, the answer is yes. Film Insurance covers a range of media including movies, television series, commercials, music videos and documentaries. It provides protection for the producer against the myriad of liability exposures as they make their way onto the big screen.

In addition to postponement, stoppages and abandonment, coverage by Film Insurance also protects against damage to film and production equipment.

In addition to the usual hazards that come with filming, incidents may occur whereby a claim is made against the production for injury or damage to a third party or their property. Film Insurance covers compensation, in addition to associated legal fees.

Having comprehensive coverage on the film set allows a producer to run the technical and financial elements of their production without having to worry about the potential complexities associated with filming.

Looking for Film Insurance?

What does Film Insurance cover?

  • Death, injury, illness associated with cast members and crew that lead to postponement, stoppage or abandonment of film production
  • Damage of film and production equipment (sets, costumes, entrusted property)
  • Legal liability, compensation and associated expenses incurred in defense of injury or damage claims against the production
  • Coverage goes beyond specified ‘named perils’ to risks arising out of the core functions of production companies, and  gathering and disseminating information or entertainment to the public

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