Property Insurance

Protect Against Losses And Minimize Impact

Property Insurance (Business)

What is Property Insurance?

Typically, Property Insurance protects your company’s owned property.

However, Property Insurance coverage can include physical premises, equipment, goods (stock) and possessions, whether for a specific site or number of sites.

Do I need Property Insurance?

No matter the size of your company, every business faces a unique set of risks that can potentially lead to loss or damage.

Property Insurance allows companies to insure significant assets (property, equipment or stock).

Azure Risk can arrange policies which meet any bank facility/mortgage insurance requirements, and at rates and terms far better than what banks currently offer in the market.

Looking for Property Insurance?

What does Property Insurance cover?

Common forms of Property Insurance include:

  • Property ‘All Risks’ Insurance: Indemnity against all damage to property or loss of items on premises. This includes coverage against fire, burglary and accidental damage or loss.
  • ‘Fire & Named Perils’ or ‘All Risks’: Cover for physical assets, interruption to business or loss of profits against any physical loss, destruction or damage not otherwise excluded.
  • Fire Insurance: Cover for loss or damage to property or items including buildings, furniture, equipment, fixtures and fittings.

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