Jewellers Block Insurance

Protecting the interests of Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers and Individual Collectors

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Jewellers Block Insurance

What is Jewellers Block Insurance?

Jewellers Block Insurance is a comprehensive type of policy that was originally designed to protect those in the jewel trade from end to end (mine to retail). The insurance has evolved to include other businesses that manufacture or handle jewellery with similar risk level as jewels.

Our Jewellers Block Insurance covers companies at all stages of the jewellery journey, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and owners of personal collections. Whatever your needs or your investment, we can help write a policy to keep you fully protected.

What can be insured under this policy?

Our Jewellers Block Insurance can be customized to protect the interests of trade owners by including coverage for:

  • Goods held in premises, or safe vaults.
  • Goods given to fabricators or manufacturers.
  • Goods sent via valuables cargo.
  • Goods transported locally or globally.
  • Goods held in residence of director(s)/owner(s).
  • Goods transported and held during exhibitions and trade fairs.
  • Goods sent via courier or postal service.
  • Employee theft.
  • Fixtures, fittings, furniture, business machineries and office equipment against named perils.

Looking for Jewellers Block Insurance?

Who can be insured under this policy?

Flexible Coverage

Our Jewellers Block Insurance and related coverages are tailored for wholesalers, retailers and individual collectors, for a range of risks including theft, damage and loss in transit.

Highly Competitive Premiums – Get the best benefits with our competitive rate premium plans.

Comprehensive Theft Coverage, including Sleight of Hand – Have peace of mind that comes with full theft coverage, even against the most cunning sleight-of-hand manoeuvres.

Zero Co-insurance on Stock in Premises – No shared burdens – your stock in premises is fully covered without any co-insurance headaches.

100% Secured by Top A-Rated Insurers – Your protection is our priority, backed by the unwavering security of top-tier insurers.

Broad Policy Wording – Our policies are not just documents, they are comprehensive narratives crafted to leave no room for uncertainty.

Jaguar Transit Solutions for Secure High Transit Limits – Elevate your transit security with our exclusive Jaguar High-Value Goods Transit Insurance; ensuring the safeguarding of high transit limits.

No-Claims Discounts – Rewarding your commitment to safety and responsibility with attractive no-claims discounts.

Extended Coverage – Exhibitions, entrustment, employee theft, property risks, valuable cargo, and parcel and couriers.

Get in touch with our brokers to discuss our flexible coverage and for a complimentary risk survey (conditions apply).

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