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Precise Protection

Our growing portfolio of specialized InsurTech solutions is designed so you can take control of your business and personal needs with simple, affordable, flexible insurance.

Products For Business

Haxsafe™ Insurance

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The first cyber InsurTech platform in the industry to integrate cyber insurance with cyber security.

Cyber Insurance and Cyber Security

Haxsafe™ Insurance provides cyber insurance, vulnerability assessment, password management, and regular spam tests designed to keep an organization safe.

The online platform offers one of the cyber insurance industry’s most innovative solutions for assessing, reducing and transferring your cyber risk.

High-Value Goods Transit Insurance

An all-in-one solution for transportation of high-value goods, including cash-in-transit, gold, jewellery or other valuables.

Security & Insurance Solution

Jaguar Transit™ is the world’s first InsurTech to combine on-demand embedded insurance, state-of-the-art Hi-Tech security bags, and user-friendly AI-assisted smartphone technology.

Choose one of two options for the transportation of your goods; self-delivery, using your own staff or personnel, or using Jaguar Transit to personally handle the logistics and delivery for each of your trips.

GPS-intelligent high-security bags are included with every delivery.

The Jaguar Transit solution makes transporting high-value goods easier, safer, and more economical.

Products For People

Global Relocation Insurance

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Global Relocation Insurance

Feel right at home moving anywhere with our international moving and relocation services.

Insurance for Relocations

An international move can be one of life’s most stressful experiences. From the moment the process begins to the last box of your insured goods arriving at your destination, our user-friendly application gives you control over your relocation experience.

Tate & Livingston™ is a niche insurance platform with one of the most comprehensive shipment protection plans that helps you and your movers get organized.

We make moving easy no matter what your destination, desires or budget.

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