Event Insurance

Offset Risks For Your Special Event With Multi-Coverage

Event Insurance

What is Event Insurance?

Event Insurance is offered to protect individuals, companies or organizations from potential liabilities that arise from holding any kind of social gathering or event.

Do I need Event Insurance?

The term ‘event’ covers a broad range of occasions, including galas, charity functions, amateur or professional sporting events, weddings, award shows, conventions, concerts, and exhibitions.

Event Insurance protects organizers should they unexpectedly need to cancel an event or if they are found responsible for property damage or an injury caused during an event.

Claims of this nature can have a significant financial impact on personal and or organizational resources. Being protected by Event Insurance can ensure the smooth running of your event without the burden of unexpected financial repercussions of having to suddenly adjust for changes in circumstances.

Looking for an Event Insurance?

What does Event Insurance cover?

Event Insurance is an extendable and tailored policy, built with your unique event in mind. Azure Risk works with clients to build the most comprehensive, specialized and wide-ranging package.

We start with protection for public liability exposures and personal accident cover for volunteers, crew and the audience, and work closely with you to assess other potential risk circumstances that could impact and lead to the cancellation, abandonment, postponement or relocation of your event.

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Risks and uncertainties that can be insured include the following categories:

  • Non-Appearance (of a key performer): Due to illness, death, an accident, or travel delay; or if participants on the organizational side of the event become unavailable, or unable to perform.
  • Adverse Weather: Extreme weather conditions (such as wind, rain, lightening) that may lead to a venue being unsafe for attendees or inaccessible.
  • National Disasters: Earthquakes, volcanic activity, typhoon and floods that affect the venue itself, or travel for key participants.
  • Communicable Disease: Outbreak of (or threat of) a communicable disease warranting limitation or closure of an event.
  • Terrorist Attacks: Threats or attacks in the vicinity of the venue, close to the event date, which lead to safety concerns.
  • Strikes/Political Violence: Strikes and political unrest that can cause major disturbances in the vicinity of the venue area, or the event venue.

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