High Value Homes and Private Collections Insurance

All risks property insurance for high value luxury homes and contents

High Value Homes and Private Collections Insurance

What is High Value Home Insurance?

It’s a comprehensive, high-value luxury home and contents insurance. A type of property insurance that covers homes worth more than the average policy limit.

Our High Value Homes and Private Collections Insurance is designed for property owners who require more than just a standard, “one size fits all” insurance policy. It’s bespoke insurance that can cover your property and valuables, giving you complete peace of mind.

Collections can take years to build. Not only may they be worth a fortune, but they also hold a lot of sentimental value. So, you’ll want to ensure that your prized and luxury possessions are adequately covered by insurance.

You can usually cover private collections under your home insurance. But in cases where a collection is particularly valuable, it may not be covered under standard home insurance. Therefore, you’ll need to protect it under a high value home and private insurance policy or with standalone specialist collectables insurance. With our bespoke insurance, you can increase or decrease the sum insured anytime.

Looking for High Value Homes and Private Collections Insurance?

What does High Value Home and Private Collections Insurance cover?

This type of coverage protects homeowners against losses that could exceed the limits of a standard homeowner’s policy for buildings and home contents insurance.

Our high value home and contents policies can include the following:

Multiple Homes: on the same high value home and contents insurance policy.

Liability Coverage: personal liability, owner’s liability, defence costs.

Worldwide: all risks cover.

  • Your home’s contents and valuables are covered for their replacement value (new for old) with no depreciation adjustment applied.
  • Collectibles, including high value items, jewellery and art, are covered on an agreed value basis.

Accidental Damage & Loss: cover for buildings and contents as standard.

Options: for No Excess.

Claims Service included

Our Claims Service starts from the moment a claim is advised, and we’ll save you time by completing claims forms. 

Concierge Claim Service – As your broker, we will negotiate any claim on your behalf with the insurance company.

Provide the following and we’ll commence the claims process.

  1. Date of loss;
  2. List and value of item(s) lost/damaged;
  3. Short description of the incident; and
  4. Photo(s) showing the damage.

Global Network
– We provide access to a network of loss adjusters and industry experts to provide efficient, local on-the-ground claims handling.

Claims Hotline – We have a round-the-clock Claims Hotline for clients to report a claim and receive expert support in an emergency.

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