Private Medical Insurance

Protecting You Now And Beyond

Private Medical Insurance

What is Private Medical Insurance?

Private Medical Insurance provides you and your loved ones with all-round medical coverage, including access to quality medical care at private healthcare facilities.

Azure Risk provides medical protection with a premium range of health plans designed for discerning individuals and families who appreciate a higher level of medical protection.

The right coverage can make all the difference in protecting you and helping you pursue your life goals confidently.

Do I need Private Medical Insurance?

Your health is one of your most important assets, and life can change in a second. Ensure you’re protected should the unexpected happen.

Whether you’re a young professional getting your career off the ground, a seasoned executive, a new or growing family, or even planning for retirement, our customized Private Medical Insurance plans offer a range of benefits to suit every life stage.

We give you the freedom to choose when and where you are treated, within your area of cover.

By thinking long term and with careful planning and preparation, you can make your next chapter in life rewarding and fulfilling.

Looking for Private Medical Insurance?

What does Private Medical Insurance cover?

Azure Risk’s comprehensive Private Medical Insurance can incorporate global cover, inpatient and tailor-made outpatient benefits, preventative care, active sports cover, maternity and childbirth, vaccination cover, and cancer. 

Pre-existing conditions can be covered subject to medical underwriting. Our specialist brokers will guide you through this process to achieve the best-underwritten offer. 

Depending on the plans, these can include a range of categories (but not limited to):

  • Inpatient
    • Hospital rooms (ward, semi-private or private)
    • Intensive care
    • Medication during hospitalization
    • Surgeon and attendance, anaesthetist, and operating theatre fees
    • Physician and specialist fees
    • Diagnostic testing
    • Transplants
    • Emergency/non-emergency transportation
  • Outpatient
    • Doctor appointments (general practitioner/specialist)
    • Prescription medication and vaccinations
    • Outpatient surgery
    • Home nursing
  • Dental
    • Consultations and examinations
    • Routine treatment (cleaning, fillings, root canal)
    • Major treatment (tooth adjustment, periodontist treatment, gingivitis, crowns, bridgework, repairs)
  • Maternity
    • Pre- and post-natal treatments and examinations
    • Medically prescribed caesarean
    • Delivery expenses (normal or complicated)
    • Hospital or home delivery costs
  • Alternative Therapy
    • Traditional Chinese medicine
    • Osteopathy
    • Chiropractic treatment
    • Acupuncture
    • Homeopathy

Talk to us about your protection needs and budget so we can safeguard your health by putting in place a customized Private Medical Insurance plan to reduce the financial impact of major medical incidences.

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