War Risks Insurance

The uncertain international security landscape continues to put the importance of war risks insurance in the spotlight. You may be aware that Azure Risks’s War Risks Insurance complements our existing Marine Cargo Insurance.

Our War Risks insurance products are designed to protect ship owners, ship managers, cargo owners and charterers from war risks and piracy worldwide.

Breadth and Scope

For cargo owners, War Risk Insurance can be used to cover the cargo whilst trading in high-risk areas which are not automatically covered by general cargo insurance.

For ship owners, our insurance includes separate limits for P&I and Hull & Machinery; and provides cover for detention or diversion expenses.

Seamless and Coordinated

Our War Risks and P&I insurances dovetail with one another, avoiding the risk of gaps in cover and ensure a consistent approach to claims.

Advantages of Our Cover

Our insurance product can provide up to US$150 million of capacity for any one vessel or conveyance and the same for cargo.

Policy Coverage

Our War Risks cover includes physical loss or damage, caused by war, civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurrection or civil strife, or any hostile act by or against a belligerent power.

Next Steps

Please send us the exposure information which should include:

  • Content of shipment
  • Period of coverage required (based on the commencement date of the shipment)
  • Volumes/values of the shipment
  • Dates of shipment and vessels used (if known)

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